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( A short, point-and-click, escape the train station horror game made for the MrKravin Game Jam 2021, made in about 2 weeks. )

After a long day at work, you inevitably end up dozing off during a train ride home. You wake up in a dark and dilapidated station that you've never been in and never heard of before.

You feel ominous eyes peering through the shadows. You feel shadows shifting about. 

You are definitely not alone, and you must escape.


Developer's notes:
- If rating for the jam, please play the Jam Version (1.1b). Otherwise feel free to play the improved versions.
- There is only one ending as of this moment.
- Use the exe shortcut to force the game to run using your discrete gpu.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
TagsEscape Game, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Retro


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TrappedInTheStation_1.2_PostJamImproved.zip 39 MB


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Very impressive game, love point & clicks and this was quite spooky. Loved the mechanic of the pills!

I love how the "dark and dilapidated station that you've never been in and never heard of before." is just Araneta-Cubao AHAHAHAHAHAHA

That took a long time, but I did it.


Great experience, engaging, good story, puzzles, it has it all!  Unique controls, would be perfect for mobile

Buddy, sometimes the colored square puzzle won't give me the fuse. Fix it. I know how to solve this puzzle, but sometimes it doesn't work.

Thanks for the heads up! Can you provide more information how it happened? Did the puzzle complete and not give you the fuse?

Sorry for my English I have tried this many times. I completed the puzzle, but I did not receive the fuse, and did not receive the message "gate control fuse obtained" This does not always happen. 

Sometimes the bottom right cube rotates himself on panel 1 for no apparent reason. This happens when the puzzle in panel 1 is solved. When this happens, it is impossible to solve the puzzle in panel 2.

That is really curious. Thanks! I'll look into it.

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Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed

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Ok, I have to say, this was really really good & enjoyable. Amazing work Elisha, Kravin is gonna love it :) I love games like this & I loved all of the little details also like the billboards. Great job!

Thanks so much Aaron! I'm just waiting for the game jam dust to settle but I'm very excited to try yours too!