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( A short horror game for the Two-Minute Horror Jam, made in a span of 3 days.  )

You are trapped in a bathroom stall. There are weird writings on the door. You feel a sinister presence in the room.


Mouse sensitivity can be adjusted by pressing the Escape key.

Hint: Hold LMB to stare at the glowing glyphs long enough

Developer's note: This game is meant to be finished in minutes. As such, this was mainly a study on establishing atmosphere through lighting and audio, and also my first 3D Unity game out there (expect bugs and optimization issues).

Updated 21 days ago
Published 25 days ago
TagsFirst-Person, Horror, PSX, Retro


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ThereAreGhosts_0.2b.zip 39 MB


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The mouse sensitivity nearly made me cut myself. Besides that I wasn't able to progress, I blame my low intelligence, but if you can shed some light that would be good. But once again, mouse sensitivity need to be at 100000 when in this game. Play through starts at 11:30

That is a brilliant move of the game to scare people lol. Love it. 

I loved the graphics even though it took me a while to figure out what I had to do hahaha

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I have literally never played a better 2 minute horror game!!!
This is amazing, I loved the atmosphere, I loved the graphics, I loved the sounds!! 
Also I admire that one jumpscare when you looked to the right and then that face there... amazing, already got chills at that point. And when the thing of the ventilation shaft fell down...was very good cause I was scared something would jump out of there. And then finally the last jumpscare...I literally screamed and I usually never scream when I get jumpscared! But I literally screamed and I freaking loved it. I can't believe how you managed to create such a nice atmosphere even though the game is just 2 minutes long!! 
Best short horror game I have ever played.


Edit: Forgot to mention: The camera sensitivity is pretty low even when set to maximum. :)

I really enjoyed this game! The second symbol wouldn't collect for some reason, and I had to start the game over, but once I finally got it, it was a great game!

mans just wanted to poop das not fair

Short but sweet.

its like my real life -_-

I feel like there should have been a thing at the start telling you to collect the symbols because my dumbass couldnt figure it out on my own but besides that it was a really good and unique game well done :) 

sorry about the shitty plug

really enjoyed this game please check out my play through below 

It was awesome...really got me in the end..

Thanks for the game. Here is my video and reactions :)

I really enjoyed what you did with this game. It was definitely spooky and I think that the location choice was pretty smart, as public bathrooms always creep me out. I think it would be really interesting to see a similar, but longer game that consisted of more everyday locations that aren't really suppose to be scary. 

This was a very nice game I like the look and zoom part 

thanks for letting me play this great game

I'm never using public bathrooms again...OVER!

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This game is short and to the point perfect for content creators!

Just went through this one. Got good comments about it. Keep it up!

played this awhile back but here what happen 😂 starts @1:10


Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here (the game is the 1st there) and sub):


1. The scares are paced impeccably! I didn't expect any of this. Such a strong short horror experience.

2. The concept of finding symbols was simple but it has done a great job at navigating player through scares.


1. The experience was very short. When I see a game that good, I would like it to last a bit longer. I can't wait for another horror games from Elisha!

2. It's a pity you don't get to see your body at all. Feels like the main character is a ghost themselves.

Overall: This game is marvelously designed! I enjoyed that a lot and I kinda glad that the main character was in the bathroom stall already cuz they definitely shit themselves! 5/5!

Hope my feedback was useful!

Omg, i got super scared my heart rate went bonkers!


Nice game, was actually quite spooky.

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Really loved the concept behind the game and how it built up to that last jumpscare lol you really got me! my only critique is honestly that I hate how short it was! Really was a great play!(There's a timestamp in the description if you wanna see my playthrough!)

I love it! the game was short and sweet I played the game at 6:22 Keep up the good work 😃

Very short, but the atmosphere was really good imo

You nailed the atmosphere. great and scary game!

This was very well done even though I totally ignored the instructions, haha. Great job with the scare!

I had fun playing this one, Great job!

Compared to what a jam game typically is, this is really good and an awesome experience! It felt like a perfect fit with the limited space to play in, but so many different audio sweeteners and triggers to raise your neck hair. Looking forward to more from ya!

Great work!

I have both watched and played this game on my twitch. I loved it a lot. The game being short is a good thing in my opinion, like a bit sized horror game. It was a lot of fun and I like the mystery of collection runic symbols, with a great build-up. Fantastic game. 9/10!

es un juego diferente a los demás que te pone de nervios

por eso mismo es un buen juego

Pour les Francophones !
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