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( A short horror game for the Two-Minute Horror Jam, made in a span of 3 days.  )

You are trapped in a bathroom stall. There are weird writings on the door. You feel a sinister presence in the room.


Mouse sensitivity can be adjusted by pressing the Escape key.

Hint: Hold LMB to stare at the glowing glyphs long enough

Developer's note: This game is meant to be finished in minutes. As such, this was mainly a study on establishing atmosphere through lighting and audio, and also my first 3D Unity game out there (expect bugs and optimization issues).

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
TagsFirst-Person, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Retro


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ThereAreGhosts_0.2b.zip 39 MB


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Call the police
Good game, especially for the scare at the end

Short, sweet, and stinky. Really enjoyed the game. The scare at the end did get me. This was my first poop themed horror game LOL

Comments below clip;

Stuck in a stall, with nowhere to go, leaves you literally up sh*t creek. To make matters worse, you're not alone. Short, but sweet.

My only negative point would be the missing of a dot in the middle to make it easier to aim for the middle.

Kudos to all involved.

really cool and amazingf 3 minutes expeirience.Super creppy game.Very nicely made.Good job

this is a really really cool game! super creepy and very well made! good job 

I loved this game! Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time! I was tense the entire time! Good Job! Game starts at 11:06

2nd game I play in this video!

it was a incredibly fun and well made game and possibly the creepiest poo i have ever had

Love some good bathroom horror where I am not involved 🤣

Full Play No Commentary

really amazing game!

short, but fun

Since I deleted the original video I made on this game, I decided to pay it a revisit. Tbh, it still sort of holds up to this day.

This was a cool little horror experience! Liked the point and click mechanics! 

Very good game! Ahoy Brasileiros!

Really simple but effective game! Atmosphere was scary and I love that this game doesn't take itself too seriously and just exists in its own horror. REALLY love this! 


Just like the character in this game my butthole is puckered.

You have any new games for play?

Good game with a few puzzles and dark atmosphere. Overall great game!

Thank you for solidifying my fear of public bathrooms

Awesome horror experience! GJ

Top 10 reasons why you should never use a public toilet: 

I literally pooped myself playing this :/


Thanks for the game! :) watch below 👇 5:25

~ Straycat ~

Full Playthrough on my Tik Tok.

Hello. Is it permissible to use and distribute this wonderful game?



no puedo jugar el juego

Full Playthrough posted to my Tik Tok


é como dizem... o que é bom dura pouco e este jogo é bem curtinho!! adorei

Short and scary, ya caught me off guard at the end

creepy stuff boiii


Why can't this game be free? like no card to play just ONE GAME!!

(1 edit)

it is free bro u trippin

This was fantastic, I loved the idea of collecting these symbols. t would be even better if you had a time limit or if the monster was after you so you had to be careful while looking, but even so it was very nice.

It was very scary!

I had a lot of fun figuring out how this worked. The ritual was completed and my booty cleansed

Liked the game!! spent a few minutes trying to beat it because I didn't know what to do but its good.


It starts at 7:11

Neat game. Here it goes:


this game is great its surprisingly scary and surprisingly atmospheric the monsters are well made and creepy and the sound design is pretty good over all for what this is this game gets a 9/10 the only problem i have with it is the mouse sensitivity but other than that its a itchio must play if you want to check out my full playthrough of this game here it is 

if you checked it out i appreciate you and consider subscribing it really helps my channel grow

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