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I had never imagined that this game would get to me like it did. It’s high-quality work, especially considering that the game was made for a short game jam.  Of course, my favorite part of the game is the ending, where I realized the reason for some things happening earlier on. I don’t want to spoil anything, but There Are Ghosts in These Stalls is highly recommended from this guy! Well done! 


Ha nicely done for a two minute game!

Your game is the second game in the video. I thought it did a great job setting up the vulnerability of the person in the stalls. I'm guessing the candle is for the smells? haha

The ending had me shook lmao this is around the 6-7 minute mark

Simple, yet effective. I thought this was a very cool idea with the setting much needed for this genre. If you're interested, feel free to check my play-through of it! It's would be Game #3 :)

Very cool short horror game! 

Really awesome! Enjoyed this short little spook

Really cool idea! Short and fun.


this is really creepy and simple, i like it!!

also i love that you used baybayin! i'm just starting studying on how to read it so maybe i'll get it once i know how to read it HHHHHH

well done and good job!

I thought this was slow. But you got me. Well done! Nice style and great atmosphere created.

Game had me trippin...i was so scared i was talking to not focus

i love it mate

check my simple game too please


This was great, simple with a great jumpscare!

loved this unique horror experience. I just wish it was longer.


This was an awesome game! I felt helpless just sitting in my stall just waiting for my impending doom! XD Honestly one of my worst fears is this right here haha keep up the good work! :)

This was a fun little game, I enjoyed it!

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My playthrough starts at 14:50

Really liked the game! :) 

it's absolutely goddamn terrifying, i hate this concept and i'm gonna be thinking about it every time i'm in the bathroom at work

5 out of 5. great job


Not very often do you see Baybayin used in video games, really nice.

I agree and I'm really glad people are picking up on that detail. Thanks for playing!

The massive disappointment of this game is gnawing at my soul. You were handed a golden ticket to thrust the players into a terror that some may know all too well and yet you choose to discard it..You choose to give us a full roll of toilet paper in a public restroom...Why kind of maniac puts a full roll of toilet paper in a horror game based on the pooper?! HAVE YOU EVER BEEN MID-POOP IN PUBLIC AND REALIZED THERE WAS NO T.P.!!?? 0/10 NO POINTS FOR YOU!

Haha I knew at the start that there would be comments about "having no toilet paper is the true horror of the game" if I did. So I poked fun at that cliche. Also nobody ever said you were in there pooping in the first place ;)

Well now im going to need a full fledge game diving into the reason why you would be in the stall. Also I need exciting horror game play such as: Being in the handicap stall and seeing a wheel chair roll up under the door, Trying to control the volume of your shits when you hear the door open, Trying to squeeze your but cheecks together while you go into the next stall for toilet paper. I think this could be a 5 series.


i screamed just a lil bit... okey maybe i was scared the whole time but it was still good!
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This one really caught me off guard. Loved the game and the tension built with the sound design and lack of music was stellar. My gameplay of it starts at 15:03!

Pretty cool little game. I enjoyed it the most of all the games I've tried from this jam so far.

Nice! Gaspar Noe maybe?

That intro was kinda cool, really caught me off guard and tripped me out for a second. It keeps a nice pace and gives scares here and there for player keeping focus on their screens, definitely got me a few times. I wonder what the demon monster thingy was and why they targeted us in the bathroom.. Also what he did after the game ended. Definitely a fun game to play, only issue to me being the mouse sensitivity. Although I liked it because it gave a more intense/horror-filled vibe to it with slower reaction times than anticipated. Was that on purpose? I played from 6:00 - 7:51

Yes, the mouse is intentionally slowed down during aiming and peeking. Thanks for playing!


Played this as part of a video and it was my favorite of the three games I played! Make more like this! Starts at 15:08!

Thanks for playing!

I had the pleasure of reviewing your game on my Indie Game Reviews Channel:


Hey, I included your game in my latest Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 0:06! Hope ya enjoy!


This one creeped me out, quite a lot. It was different 🤣 it was simple but effective, great job!

I played this game on the latest episode of my 'Quick Scares' series, check it out! 👻

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It was an amazing experience, end got me bad.

overall really nice experience and now i am hungry for more.

Thank you Elisha for this awesome game.

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this was a really cool game i hope to see more just keep making more and i would love to see a sequel to this Hope you enjoy the video

Also kinda struggled to get one of the pieces at 1:35 just look into it

Yeah the game uses the exact center of the screen to detect what you're focusing on so you have to be slightly on target when zooming in. Thanks for playing

no problem man keep up the good work

Game looks great and made me feel claustrophobic. Huge fan of these 3d pixelated game. Only slight problem I had was the mouse sensitivity. Not sure if it was just me but I had to lift my mouse 4 or 5 times just to look all the way left or right, and that just took me out of it slightly. I like that it's slow but slightly boosting it up or maybe adding a slider would be nice. great game over all though :)

Thanks for playing! Slowing the mouse down during aiming and peeking was intentional by design. If it is slow even when not doing those, there is a mouse sensitivity slider when hitting ESC which should help slightly.

Great to know this in case there's ever any updates ;) Thanks for the info!


Pretty unsettling and creepy, with a great payoff that I was not expecting. 

It's the first of 5 games I showcased in my video.

Oh man, two minutes were enough for me to take a poo in that toilet :D LOVED IT! 

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed

The ending of your game hit harder than a truck!


Thanks for playing. Nice thumbnail

Thank You!


Some new ideas here i loved this one im begging you make a longer version haha heres my gameplay hope you enjoy i certainly did:


Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for sharing this

Thanks for the game :)


It'd be fantastic if this thing didn't take 90%+ of my GPU resources when I use an Nvidia 1080 Ti and 30% of my 12 core, 24 thread CPU. This game is so dumb-foundedly unoptimized that it was melting my computer and making my OBS stutter so much from the lack of resources that I couldn't even attempt to record the game.


Sorry that happened! This is a weird issue as it runs on my greatly inferior laptop, with OBS running and all with no issues whatsoever. Will try to look into it.

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good...hope full story this game


Is the game finished and needs no more updates, content wise?


Does anyone else tell you that your spamming of the exact same post on every single game on this website is annoying as fuck?



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The only reason I do this is to know whether I can play the game without an update with 90% remade or added content being released a month or a few weeks later. If you don't like these comments, don't read them.


Your question is redundant, pointless, and repetitive. AAA devs and Indie devs will always be patching and updating and removing bugs from their games up until they stop caring about it and when they think they found everything. You contradict yourself because you'll always be buying and playing games that aren't in their Final State, games are barely ever final anymore, only games back on generations like NES, SNES, N64, PS1, Floppy Discs, etc and No internet connections could be 'Patch and update free'.

The fact you so fearfully act like a Spam Bot, and are content with your paranoid routine is mind-numbing. I wish I could avoid your pointless Bot-like spamming, I do have your account blocked but alas, your spammy comments will always be there and always be in the comments even when blocked as a reminder of how there are humans out there that can infact act like robots. Its an endless cycle of stupidity, asking Recently-Released Beta/WIP/Early-access games whether or not they're finished when the likely answer is No. 

Its comparable to a child going: "ARE WE THERE YET?" 500 times until they hear a 'Yes'. Which is an obvious reason why people get annoyed seeing you.

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*Neko inserts fedora bow

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Why the hell do you own a Fedora? Let alone Wear it to bow/tip it?


First, you are just factually wrong since there are projects that are completely finished CONTENT WISE. I know about bugs and fixes, I mean a new episode, new plotline, voice acting, new areas etc. Some developers, if you haven't noticed, reply positively with a yes and move onto the next projects, leaving the previous one as it is FOREVER. If the developer says that he might update it in the future or not sure, I stop asking questions and wait. If the status says "prototype" or "in development", I also don't ask questions, cause it's obviously not finished. 

With that out of the way, I don't give a rat's ass whether you like it or not. It's not hurting anybody, it's not taking up any place or not discouraging the developers from making the game or offending them. They're not little babies who cry and throw their hands in the air when something might be annoying or repetitive on the internet, they are fucking adults and move on in life, dismissing and ignoring the stuff they deem obnoxious. If you don't want people to react to something you post, don't use the Internet. If you are such an angry, petulant and fragile child that you cannot handle a tiny sentence written in the comment section on a godforsaken website, written by someone unrelated to you in any way shape or form and not even directed at you, you must be one of the most lifeless, parasitic and cancerous husks the light of day has ever embraced. I tried to be polite, but people like you don't understand politeness. 

P. S. I can can dislike comments too, you know? 


Looks like I hit someone in a sore area. 

Honestly though, you seriously typed this? - 'You are such an angry, petulant and fragile child' and 'You must be one of the most lifeless, parasitic and cancerous husks the light of day has ever embraced' - LOL. 

All because I told you that I find you annoying? It's hilarious, don't get me wrong, you're the kind of person who, when having a tempertantrum, you start trying to use big boy words, you pull out that vocabulary and hold nothing back to try to sound intelligent or something. It gave me a good chuckle.

Others agreed with my initial post towards you, that you're annoying and that you spam like a bot, even if they don't agree with my blunt method of telling you - and you go into this silly little childish rage. A comedic Rage over a mere opinion? Whatever ad hominems you mustered in your hissy fit, I think one thing is for certain and you should definitely seek anger management. I also suggest you don't use projection so much on others, its clearly an emotional, knee-jerk reaction and nothing more.

I don't have to be angry like yourself in order to say what I said, lmao. You, on the other hand? You bleed salt and scream murder a bit too quickly. This'll be my last response, wouldn't want to waste anymore time watching you screech any further.

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