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not scary at all

Yup! There are ghosts in the stalls... don't lit the candle in the bathroom! 

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Pre are you a Filipino? Coz I really notice that the code is in "Baybayin" langguage which you need to find in the game ;-) 

Never played a creepy game that's set in a bathroom stall. Love it! Thank you for creating this Elisha. I followed you and will be checking out your other games!

I think different levels would make the game better then it already is. Overall, good job! 

Could not look under and zoom in at the same time (Using trackpad)

Never go to the bathroom alone! There are ghosts in these stalls!

good game

Мини хоррор, попробуйте, пугает в паре моментов.

Short and scary

Quite an enjoyable game 👍🏻 dashie also played it at around 20:57 into the video follow him on Twitter if you want @dashiexp and subscribe to his YouTube channel


Fun little horror game, gave me a good scare.

Very cool thanks :)

short and sweet, exactly what you think it is. I miss seeing games like this 

I find myself getting more salty over horror games than being fearful. Ahhhhhhhh. This was one of those games LOL. 

Ghosts in These Stalls is in the 5th edition of GAMES OF TERROR! also nice game unique as its set in a restroom

Neat little game. Check out the gameplay!

its nice game but its very bug

Nice short horror game

This was a great one! Got me pretty good 😂 (1st game in the vid)

Especially for something that was part of an intentionally short (2-minute horror jam) experience & with only days to complete it.


Another great short horror game! I really liked the mechanic of this one, as you are rooted in place and forced to hear the horrible sound that are coming always closer as you scramble to complete the puzzle! Amazing job! If you want to check my reaction to it, you can check the video below starting at 6:58!

Amazing work on this game keeps you on edge not sure whats happening half the time.

SKIP TO 26:07!!!

Yo an amazing idea and spooky game great job|!

the symbols are called baybayin right?

The 4 symbols translates to busalano or bosalano, idk what that means tho.

I think it says "Busalan" since the n symbol had the plus looking sign. It translates to gag, muzzle, or keep quiet in general.

HAUNTED PUBLIC TOILET... Went in to pee... that's not all i did... :D


(Your game is first in the video!)
What a brilliant short spook. Nothing quite like using the player's one mechanic against them like this. Took me a little longer than I care to admit to figure out, but once I did, I was delighted! Great stuff


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