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This made jump outta my chair! The gameplay was nice and easy but the scare at the end got me really bad lol. I also did a let's play on this game down below; feel free to check it out. Have a great day! :)

Can you make it laptop friendly? Right clicking and left clicking at the same time aren't supported on touchpad. Thanks!

Good game! It didn't scare me too much only because I've seen people play it, but I do like the idea!

one of the best short horror games 

you really got me there. Good and funny at the same time. Thank you!

short but pretty good and scary game!

One of the best jumpscares I experienced and it made it on my top 10 list of best jumpscares! I actually stepped away from the game because I was anticipating a jumpscare (with the SUCH LOW volume and REALLY LOUD sounds). Did that make sense? Idk, anyway, here it is.

I found all four symbols. Thank you!


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What do the baybayin symbols mean? I translated them and it says "bosalena" or "bosaleno". I've looked for some meaning and all I found was more baybayin. Can anyone help me figure this out thanks

That Demon Got me. :D

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cool game. It has nice ambience and sound design. Though the monster at the end isn't very scary, it made me burst into laughter.

I love this one! Really charming horror game, I had a lot of fun making a video on it (I encourage you to donate to the creator if you can)

Never played a creepy game that's set in a bathroom stall. Love it! Thank you for creating this Elisha. I followed you and will be checking out your other games!

this dude is so freaking funny he does a series called 3 random horror games i seen him play this it was hilarious. 

Short but it was really good!


This was SO good. The way you need to discover what you have to do helps a lot in the mood of the game. Love it! My gameplay is in portuguese (PT-BR).

One of my weirdest fears is being trapped on a toilet and being haunted while pooping, DEAD SERIOUS. I played this game during my 3 Scary Games Series! It was the first game I played in this video. Great job Devs!

Please make a sequel to it! This game is great!

I really liked the game mechanic in your game. It was a bit clonky sometimes to get it to really look at a glyph but it was still fun. :) I hope you're planning to make more horror games cause I'll definetely want to play them! :D
Just a little question though, what do the glyphs actually spell out?
I'm mixed filipino but I barely know any Tagalog so it's hard to figure out what it means , even though I was able to find those Baybayin signs thanks to foxx360420's comment.
Here's the link to my video if you want to check it out.

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Cool game

Fun and interesting short game! I loved the atmosphere.

not scary at all

Yup! There are ghosts in the stalls... don't lit the candle in the bathroom! 

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Pre are you a Filipino? Coz I really notice that the code is in "Baybayin" langguage which you need to find in the game ;-) 

So did you figure out what the code actually means? :D

It either means bosalan which is Turkish for "vacant" or busalan which means in Tagalog/Filipino"to gag a person to silence".

I think different levels would make the game better then it already is. Overall, good job! 

Could not look under and zoom in at the same time (Using trackpad)

Never go to the bathroom alone! There are ghosts in these stalls!

good game

Мини хоррор, попробуйте, пугает в паре моментов.

Short and scary

Quite an enjoyable game 👍🏻 dashie also played it at around 20:57 into the video follow him on Twitter if you want @dashiexp and subscribe to his YouTube channel

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